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Lisa Pattison, Expert Dog Trainer, Readington, NJ  908-334-1941

Meet the Trainer

Lisa Pattison KPA-CTP, CNWI, CTDI
Head trainer Lisa Pattison has made positive dog training her life’s commitment for almost 30 years. Her impressive credentials include:
  • Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner 
  • Certified K9 Nose Work Instructor (CNWI)
  • Certified Trick Dog Instructor (CTDI)
  • Canine Water Sports Judge
  • Tracking, TD, TDU, TDX, Judge
  • Degree in Animal Science and Behavior
  • Studied with World Class Dog Trainers and Behaviorists
  • Trained hundreds of dogs and their owners!
Because of her extensive experience, Lisa can help you understand why your dog does what he does, and how to use that understanding to make your partnership with your performance dog, family dog, rescue dog, puppies, or older dogs so much stronger.

Lisa has trained her own dogs to dozens of titles. Click Here to see a list of the Lisa’s dogs’ titles. See her dogs in action in the slideshow below!                
“I've known Lisa Pattison for twenty years.  She has worked hard to learn by taking classes, going to seminars, and by training her dogs (and others, including mine).  She is truly an outstanding dog trainer." 
-Laurie Shuren

 Lisa Pattison’s Dog Achievement Titles

Pattison's Murphy






Eloradanan Propwash Shelby





Propwasheloradanan Wildchild






NEDDC: DDX (driving excellent draft dog), BNDD,


CWS: TSW, (5 merit certificates toward WRW, 1 merit certificate in submersion work), 1 merit certificate in Delivery work, Certificate of Canine Water Tow Work, (WTW)


 Lisa’s Education
Lisa and her dogs have studied and worked with some of the best dog trainers in the world.  Take a look at this very impressive list.

Lisa has earned these certifications and honors


Karen Pryor Academy  (KPA) 

Dog Trainer Program (6 months):  Highest level of proven excellence in trainers who train through positive reinforcement (e.g., clicker training) and who teach the general public. (Currently enrolled)

K9 Nose Work (CNWI)

Seven Day Certified Nose Work Instructor Certification Program

Tracking Judge

(ASCA Judge # 4833)

ASCA Judge Certification Program

(Australian Shepherd Club of America)

Canine Water Sports (CWS) Judge

Canine Water Sports Judge Certification Program

Lisa and her dogs have studied with these great trainers


K9 Nose Work Founders: 

Amy Herot, Ron Gaunt, Jill Marie O’Brien  

K9 Nose Work  

Susan Garrett

‘Say Yes’  (Clicker Training)

Bob Bailey, Parvene Farhoody

Operant Conditioning  

Ted Turner, Leslie Nelson

Reliable Competition Behaviors

Kay Lawrence


Deborah Lee Miller Riley

Canine Water Sports

Ed Presnall,  Peter Hewitt, Steve Ripley

John and Darlene Barnard

Ivan Balabanov, Steve White, Jerry Lewis

Tracking (all surfaces)

Kim Seiter, Barbara Miller


Carolyn Wilki, Diane Sobel-Meyer

Stock Dog Training

Pam Dennison, Hannah Branigan

Competitive Obedience

Linda Sperco


Seminars and workshops


Amy Herot

K9 Nose Work Teamwork – From Foundation to Trial Day

Leslie McDevitt

Control Unleashed

Pattern Games

Greg Derrett

Agility Foundation Training

Great Dog – “Shame About the Handler”

Patty Ruzzo

Cookie Powered Competitive Obedience

Positively Ringwise

Power of Positive Training

Denise Fenzi

Problem Solving for Obedience

Obedience and Emotional Issues

Drives and Motivations for All Sports

Steve White

Problem Solving in the Real World

HITT Tracking

How Police K9 Techniques can Transform Your Everyday Training


Anticipation:  Harnessing its Power to Attain Exquisite Control and Reliability

Scent and Scentability

Victoria Stillwell and Kyra Sundance

The Wow and How of Dog Training

Karen Pryor

Creativity and the Animal Mind

Don’t Shoot the Dog

Jean Donaldson

Canine Fear Aggression and Play

Fear and Aggression

Culture Clash

Suzanne Clothier

Treat/ Retreat Confidence and Skill for the Shy/Fearful Dog

RAT Relationship Assessment Tool

The Gem in Every Individual C.A.R.A.T

Kathy Sdao

The Role of Counter-Conditioning & Desensitization in Treating Dog Aggression

Developing Cueing Skills

You’re in Great Shape! Understanding and Applying Shaping

Cujo Meets Pavlov

Does the Name Pavlov Ring a Bell

Improve Your I-Cue

Candy is Dandy

What’s that I Fear?  Identifying Triggers

Get Smart

Cecilie Koste 

Top OTCH: Skills for Top Obedience

Clicker training 101

The Strongest Link Back-Chaining & Reliable Performance

Efficient Training- Make Progress Quickly

Kay Laurence

World of Targeting

Connecting with Your Dog

Teaching Through Play

Learning Games and Play

Microshaping-Good Things Come in Small Packages

The AL-Lure of Luring

Ken Ramirez

Adduction & Combining Cues

Aggression Treatment and Context  

Oops! What to Do When Mistakes Happen

Smart Reinforcement

Concept Training: Copycat? Copy Dog!

Simplifying Complex Training Tools

FROM PURGATORY TO NIRVANA: The Path to Enlightened Training 

Ron Gaunt and Amy Herot

After NW1: Interiors and Exteriors Workshop

Barbara Schwerdt

K9 Nose Work Skill Building

Grisha Stewart

BATting 1000: Behavior Adjustment Training for Reactivity

Gail Fisher

Go the Distance-finishing the Job for Real Life Reliability

Training the Thinking Dog

The Advantages of Marker Training

Patricia McConnell, PhD

Treating Dog-Dog Reactivity

Cognition and Emotion in Dog Behavior


FOR THE LOVE OF A DOG: Emotions in You & Your Dog, and How they Affect Training and Relationships 

The Biology of Emotion in Two Species

Eva Bertilsson &

Emelie Johnson Vegh 

Techniques to Build Your Dog’s Confidence

Agility Right From the Start

Let’s Make Some Noise

Shaping  Procedures for the Agility Trainer

Pam Dennison

The Magic of Shaping

Freestyle Obedience

Competitive Obedience

Jean Barrett

Stock Dog Clinic

Jessica Martin

(2010 Gold Medal Winner FCI World Championship)

Masters Level Handling Using Acceleration and Deceleration

Masters Level Handling for Complex Sequences

Alexandra Kurland

Component Training: Piece Together Success

Seeing the Future

Breakthrough! 6 Powerful Strategies To Get Through Training Blockages

Michele Pouliot

Crosstrain! Teach Your Dog the Skills Critical for All Canine Sports

Hold it, Get it, Bring it, Give it! The Multi-Purpose Clicked Retrieve

The Right Touch: How Collar and Body Cues Speed Your Training

Anticipaaation is Making Me Great!

Platform Training

Jésus Rosales-Ruiz 

Behavior Chains Scientifically Explored

Ruiz Respondent or Operant Scientifically Explored

Bob Bailey, Parvene Farhoody

Training in the Real World

Elevate your Training

Sue Sternberg 

Predicting and Handling Aggression

Susan Garrett

The 5 Minute Formula for a Brilliant Recall

Puppy Peaks

Crate Games

Aaron Clayton

Education of a Trainer

Tia Guest

Clicking with Class Teaching Classes Clicker Style

Theresa McKeon & Joan Orr

Skill building, Problem Solving Through Tagteach

Emma Parson

Click to Calm Unleashed! A Winning Combination for the Reactive Dog


Raw Diet How to Read a Pet Food Label: Separating Fact from Fiction

Sumac Grant-Johnson

Wag It Games Dog Ball Foundation Skill

Hannah Brannigan

Precision, Platforms and Play!

Emily Larlham

Ways To Think Outside The Box

The Art of Trick Dogging

Sandi Pensinger

Beginning Treibball

Terry Ryan

Coaching People to Train their Dogs

How Teachers Teach, How Students Learn

Alexandra Horowitz, PhD

The Umwelt of the Domestic Dog

Inside of a Dog

Clive D.L. Wynne, Ph.D

The Origins of the Scientific Study of Puppy Love

Myrna Milani Ph.D

When Human-Canine Realities Collide

John Rogerson

The Dog Vinci Code-Decoding  Your Dog’s Behavior

Turning the Tide

Brian Hare

The Evolution of the Cognitive Dog

Ian Dunbar Ph.D

Advanced Lure/Reward Training

Trish King

Challenging Adolescents

Difficult Dog Classes

Jean Owen

Improving Agility Handling Skills with Only One Jump

How and When to Use Distraction Training

Lauren Fox

Using Games in the Classroom to Build Reliable Behaviors

Temple Grandin

Animals in Translation

Donna Duford

Dog Talk

Sarah Kalnajs 

Language of Dogs

Jerry Lewis

Training for Variable Surface Test Tracking

Ed Presnall and Peter Hewitt

Camp Pawmark VST Tracking Camp

Celeste Meade

Competition Training

Kim Seiter

Independent Obstacles & Working Distance Agility Workshop

Open Excellent Agility Class

Professor Ray Coppinger

Evo/Devo Evolutionary Development and Emergent Behaviors

Of Wolves and Dogs

Tenley Dexter

Herding Workshop

Deborah Lee Miller Riley

Splash Camp

Canine Water Sports including Targeting, Boatwork, Underwater Scentwork, Team Swim

Pamela Reid PhD C.A.A.B

Excel-erated Learning

Bored of Teaching the Same Old tricks? How to Test Your Dog’s Conceptual Learning

Nicole Wilde

It’s not the Dogs, It’s the People

Dr. Nicholas Dodman

Dog’s Behaving Badly

Pat Hastings

Puppy Puzzle

Leslie Nelson

The Tools, Rules & Tricks of Positive Reinforcement

Really Reliable Recall

Linda Sperco

Rally Workshop

Ready Set Rally

Margie Argie Amster Herr

TPM Movement Improvement for any discipline utilizing biomechanics

Mike Clemens

Tracking from the Flag to the Glove

Lenape Tracking Club

TED:  Tracking Experience Day (5 years)

Cliff Dahl

Draft Dog Workshop

Bernese Mountain Dog Club

Draft Workshop

Susan Bulanda

Scent work” Real World

Sarah Wilson

Splash Camp

Delivery, Retrieve, Towing

Ted Turner

ABC’s of Learning

Aggression and Competition Behaviors

A Whale of a Sheep Herding Workshop

Carolyn Wilki

“Help! My Dog is Aggressive”

A Wolf in Sheepdog’s Clothing

Turid Rugaas

Calming Signals-What Your Dog is Telling You

Roger Abrantes

The Secret of Getting Information without Asking

Krista Cantrell

Use Mind Not Muscle When Working Dogs

Deborah Jones

The Psychology of Dog Ownership

Roy Hunter


Fun and Games with Dogs

Fun Nose Work

Sheila Booth

Purely Positive

Training in Drive

Chris Babiarz

Training the Deaf Dog

Stephanie Tauton

The Trick is in the Training

Gwen Bailey

Ingredients for the Perfect Puppy

Pamela Reid

The Great Training Debate

Michelle Tilghman DVM

A Commonsense Approach to Holistic Medicine

APDT Conference

Electronic Training Panel – Fact from Fiction

Betsy Scappichio

Attention and Handling

Obedience 1994-1997

Gene Shenninger

Sheep Herding

Sandy Ganz

Tracking Fundamentals

Glen Martin

Service Dog Training Techniques

Linda Tellington-Jones

Using TTouch for Fear Biters

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Lisa Pattison of Canine Partnership provides expert dog training using positive methods with proven results. Located in central western NJ, Ms. Pattison teaches Obedience, K9 NoseWork, Agility, Rally, Canine Water Sports, Tracking, Water Dog, Sniff and Go, and much more.