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During these COVID-19 times, Canine Partnership group classes have transitioned into 30 minute Zoom online learning sessions. This limited time upgrade for one on one sessions with Lisa allows for adjusting the content and pace of each session to suit the participants.  Imagine!  Content specific to the needs of your dog right now.Your Dog Sports Goals can also be met in this format!

Interested in starting something new?  Try K9 Nose Work or Tricks!  Need More inspiration! Consider the list below


Please feel free to contact Lisa if you are interested learning more, or to ask about specific training that is not listed here.
  Puppy Partnership:  Private lesson format. desogmed to complement a puppy team enrolled in a group class that can't wait to learn more. With this fun and effective private puppy lesson you get a puppy that loves to behave politely.  We use clickers and a method called Tranquil Training to transform boisterous pups into young ladies and gentlemen.   We also teach you how to correctly socialize your pup to prepare him for his life as a family dog.    For puppies 8 weeks to 3 months old.

 Get Focused!:  These classes emphasize the good manners your dog needs to be good companion.  We start with simple behaviors (sit, lie down), and build on them so your dog is a happy partner who will walk on a loose leash, greet your guests politely, and come when he is called.  Depending on the class, we may include some silly tricks just for fun.   Explain your dog’s current level of training to Lisa so she can match you to an appropriate class.
  Competition Obedience:  In this private lesson we will hone precision in your dog’s obedience skills, using the show ring setting to build strength in your cues for obedience behaviors.   Through this class, you learn how to use the exciting show ring atmosphere of judges, spectators and other dogs to strengthen your dog’s obedience routine, and keep him happy and confident.
 Rally/ Rally FrEe: Rally Obedience is a fun new dog sport that combines elements of agility and traditional obedience. Rally FrEe is Rally with tricks.  Remember the child’s game ‘Simon Says’? In Rally and Rally FrEe, dogs and their handlers navigate a course with numbered signs indicating different exercises to perform. We offer all levels of training.  In  introduction to Rally, for example, is for dogs that know basic obedience commands such as heel, sit, down, come, and stay. We focus on the foundation skills needed for dogs to succeed in Rally such as how to read Rally signs and the proper execution of the thirty-one Novice rally exercises. Throughout the class, we will also do other attention and basic obedience exercises to help you become a better rally team. This class is appropriate for dogs of all ages and types, including dogs with disabilities.
  "Nose Jobs"
K9 Nose Work and Tracking are designed to challenge your dog’s nose. In the process of solving ‘nose-problems’, your dog burns tons of mental and physical energy. You will be fascinated by how scent training will carry over into other aspects of your dog’s life, helping him control his emotions in new situations – really! These classes are perfect for all kinds of dogs, young and old. Rambunctious dogs, shy dogs and reactive dogs, in particular, benefit from these classes. The only dogs excluded are dogs that are aggressive towards humans. Discover and share the secret side of your dog’s nose world. Whether for fun or competition, these dog sports will shift your awareness of what your dog “sees” with his nose.

 K9 Nose Work:   Without a doubt, the hottest sport going! In this class we play ‘hide and seek’ with your dog’s nose. His first task is to search for a treat or favorite toy hidden in one of several cardboard boxes. As your dog understands the game, we expand the search area to include larger spaces, outdoor areas, and even vehicles. And we add complexity by asking your dog to discriminate different scents. Nose work really engages your dog’s mind, and you’ll love watching him work out the nose work puzzles. If you are interested in Nose Work as a performance sport, note that Lisa is a fully certified Nose Work instructor and can help you compete successfully at any level (ORT, NW1, NW2, or NW3).


 Tracking and Advanced Tracking: In this private lesson, we will challenge your dog’s nose to follow a track and find an ‘article’ (like a glove) at the end. We will begin with basic article indication and tracking skills indoors, and move on to following tracks through the fields, woods, and hedgerows of the farm. Tracking is great fun for family dogs. Lisa can also train you and your dog to earn prestigious tracking dog titles such as TD, TDU, TDX, VST, and Master Tracker – MT.

 Tricks and Parkour: You may have seen agility on television. Dogs run through tunnels, weave through poles, jump obstacles, and scramble over ladders –. The Tricks and Parkour class , uses similar skills to teach body awareness and also contribute to mental development. It can  help with muscle strength, stamina, balance, coordination, confidence and concentration. We teach the dog  how to perform those fun agility tricks everywhere without the traditional agility equipment using nontraditional jumps, tunnels, and other obstacles appropriate to the dog’s (and people’s) age and fitness. Even puppies and older dogs will enjoy these classes.
 Just for Fun (Tricks and Treats): This class is for you if you just love to ask your dogs to do silly things to amaze your friends. Play dead, dance with me, count to three, crawl baby crawl, the ever popular ‘balance a treat on your nose’, or whatever else you would like to learn. These tricks are light-hearted, but they also help you to build a stronger relationship with your dog, giving him even more reason to look to you for instruction and fun.
 Canine Water Sports: Private lesson format. There are few things as magical as spending time in the water with your best friend. Canine Partnership classes will jump start your water experience by teaching you the foundation water skills needed in a small amount of water before you hit the big pond. All breeds and kinds of dogs are welcome. Water sports include aquagility, towing, retrieving, underwater work, boat work, delivery, and nautical nose work. This private lesson at our stream  is a great way to introduce young dogs to water so your canine partner will be safe and happy in water all his life. 
 Canine Good Citizen: (CGC) program is an American Kennel Club program to promote responsible dog ownership and to encourage the training of well-mannered dogs. A dog and handler team must take a short behavioral evaluation of less than half an hour; dogs who pass the evaluation earn the Canine Good Citizen certificate. In this class, you and your dog will learn the 10 Good Citizen behaviors required to pass the Canine Good Citizen test. If the class is interested, Lisa can arrange for an evaluation on site.
 Show Dog (Conformation skills): Private lesson format. If you are dedicated to the show ring, this private session  is for you. See how positive reinforcement training techniques can give your dog confidence, great skills, and a happy attitude in the show ring. The judge will take extra notice of your beautiful dog who is happy to stack, happy to stand, happy to be examined and happy to gait for the crowd. Even shy and nervous show dogs will be Happy Dogs in the show ring. This class truly gives your dog a competitive advantage over dogs trained by repetition.


 Drafting, Carting, Skijoring: Private lesson format. How do you harness Dog Power?    You teach your dog to wear a simple harness and pull a wagon, cart, or even you on skis!    This fun skill can be useful  - ask your dog to help cart the weeds out of your garden or take your chairs to the show ring.  And it is a really fun way to build muscle in your dog for the show ring or during rehab.  Dogs that love to work, love this job.  If you’re into competitive dog sports, you can earn titles too.  Get started harnessing your Dog’s Power and amaze your friends in this private lesson. 


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"Because of Lisa’s patience, my dogs have titles in obedience, agility, tracking, and conformation.  I never hesitate to send people to her, knowing they and their dogs will be trained well."

-Laurie Shuren

Lisa Pattison of Canine Partnership provides expert dog training using positive methods with proven results. Located in central western NJ, Ms. Pattison teaches Obedience, K9 NoseWork, Agility, Rally, Canine Water Sports, Tracking, Water Dog, Sniff and Go, and much more.